Tuesday, 15 March 2011

March Break :D

a week off of school? OK, fine with me :D haha but anyways, i wont be posting this week because i'm going up to blu mountain to do some snowboarding. oh yeah, i snow board. i'm pretty good at it too. the park up at blu is awsome so i think thats where all be spening most of my time. it has 6 ish really solid box's and like 5 jumps i think? 2 of them are hugeeeeee. anyways i'm super exited. i finally bought a new board and bindings. saved up like 1500 dollors and finally got to spend it. got a super nice burton hero. stoked to try it out. so yeah, thats pretty much it for this little bit, ill see you guys after the break :D

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  1. Man that sounds like fun unfortunately my break ended last week