Tuesday, 15 March 2011

March Break :D

a week off of school? OK, fine with me :D haha but anyways, i wont be posting this week because i'm going up to blu mountain to do some snowboarding. oh yeah, i snow board. i'm pretty good at it too. the park up at blu is awsome so i think thats where all be spening most of my time. it has 6 ish really solid box's and like 5 jumps i think? 2 of them are hugeeeeee. anyways i'm super exited. i finally bought a new board and bindings. saved up like 1500 dollors and finally got to spend it. got a super nice burton hero. stoked to try it out. so yeah, thats pretty much it for this little bit, ill see you guys after the break :D

Thursday, 10 March 2011


so who else is stoked for the Nentendo dsi?

You can play ocarina of time on it!

anyways, i'm super stoked, going to buy Pokemon black today :D
school is OK, not doing two well,, about to get report cards xD

oh well.

Later guys!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Guys what i get to do today!

go to school!
awesome right!


Sunday, 6 March 2011

hey guys. so yeah ive had a pretty good week, until now. 1 am. check Facebook go to the bathroom then go to bed. 15 min later, i hear a knock on the door. its the security guy saying that the people underneath us are have water driping into there unit. oh sh*t the toilet! i sprint over and theres water everywere... so yeah, i spent about an hour cleaning it up and im probably guna have to spend alot of money to get this sorted out.


Tuesday, 1 March 2011

(prerequisite knowledge: i really like this chick and this is common knowledge around my group of friends.) today I walk into my school, completely unaware that we had a special assemble. so first period, we go into the assemble hall and sit down just like any other assemble. so this woman starts talking, apparently she lost her son to drunk driving and she wanted to spread the word about how its really bad, etc., you guys get it. so anyway, we are put into random groups with other students because "drunk driving does not discriminate". so anyways my group of friends are all put into the same group except for me. <<<MAX GROUPS OF 5>>>
so im like thanks! so im sure you can guess who im grouped with? the most beautiful grade 11 girl you've ever seen, and some other randoms. so whiel im being all awkward, the other randoms start doing the work, and my freands pick up on the fact that im with this chick and they start chirping the sh*t out of me. so shes deffenetly pick up on this now and im like SHUT THE **** UP GUYS. so that dosent help the awkwardness.but towards the end of the assembly. my buddie, dont get me wrong he is a great guy, but he is also the biggest d*ck you've ever met, goes up to her and says with me right there "you do realise that my bro really wants to go out with you right?". then wals back and sits down

i swear i stopped breathing.

we diddent talk for the rest of the thing ill tell you that much.
but near the end of the thing i realise that i dont have my phone. i start looking around franticly, then i realise that she had found it and is picking it up at that second. i diddent ask for it back till the end, and she smiled whiel she gave it back. curiously i looked at my texts to make sure there was nothing sketchy and, here number was in there! i swear to god she added her own number intomy god damn phone!!

contact name : Steph <3

i told you guys i should right a book. Jesus f****** Christ.